Eugene O’Neill Theater

Client: Montagno Construction

Date of Completion: November 2014

Project Duration: 1 Year

Location: Waterford, CT

Site work associated with Eugene O’Neill Theater

In November 2013, Eugene O’Neill Theater broke ground on an expansion project that involved building seven new dormitory cottages, a laundry facility, and a new rehearsal hall.  Kobyluck Construction Co was awarded the sitework contract for this project.  Kobyluck Construction Co was contracted to do all of the site clearing and grubbing and site earthwork.  Kobyluck Construction Co performed on-site crushing services.  In addition, Kobyluck Construction Co performed all of the work associated with the storm sewer, on-site sanitary sewer, fire protection, and domestic water DIP, site electric, and site lighting.  Wrapping up the project with site finishes (grading, paving, curbing, and line striping), Kobyluck Construction Co met and exceeded the contract requirements and finished this project in November 2014.


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October 19, 2020